Meet Mr. October- Dewey

Most of you know that every month we bring you a dog of the month from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society in the hopes of finding that pup his or her PEOPLE!  This month is no different.  We bring you adorable Dewey.  He actually is just a pup.

Dewey is a 7 month old lab/hound mix.  He has never known a home aside from the shelter.  He has never know a family aside from the shelter employees (you know…the ones that adore him!).  For these reasons alone, Mr. October needs to find his FURever home.

I spent an hour with Dewey and his brothers.  He is very well-behaved and laid back.  He is a pup so he does love to play and run.  But he also loves to chill (as you will see from his photos).

Dewey’s brothers have been adopted, leaving him as the last of his siblings.  Please share this blog or his posts on our social media.  The more you share and the more people that follow us on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat and pinterest, the quicker we find homes for these amazing dogs.

Back to Dewey.

Please be sure that you are ready to adopt a new family member.  PLEASE be certain that you are ready for a puppy.  Stop by the shelter and spend some time with him to make an educated decision.  He will win your heart- I am 100% sure of that.  As far as we know he gets along well with other animals as he has never shown otherwise.  He knows how to sit for sure.  Every time I told him to sit he did so.  I believe that Dewey will be easily trained because he is super smart (and a little nerdy….I think he would like for you to read to him but, you know……if you don’t I am sure he would forgive you).

So that’s Dewey on a nutshell.  He is just a sweet puppy looking for his person.  I think he would be a great family dog or a trusty sidekick.

Puppy Love to you all,

The Brunette

~~as always keep in mind that I am not a professional anything (except biscuit maker).  You should form your own opinions and ask the pros any questions you may have.

$4,250 to the shelter (because of you)

Sooooooooo……yeah….you read that correctly.  $4,250.00 was given, in total, to the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.  WHY?  Because of YOU.  Every share of our posts or those of the NEMOHS (Bathe to Save related or not).  Every purchase of our biscuits.  Every referral.  Every smiling face that showed up to the event.  Every person that volunteered or helped plan.  Every dog that was washed, trimmed or massaged.  All of it.

The Amos family presented the shelter with a HUGE check (no, really, it was huge…..I love huge checks….reminds me of the Price is Right when I was a kid).  Anyhoo- that check was for $2838.00.  That check with the addition of all the vendor donations, sponsors, random giving, etc equates to a whopping $4,250.00 in total.  WOW, right?!?!

We are sad the event is over.  Like, when we were planning this we never thought we would be so emotional (yes, we both cried when Hannibal beat the record of number of dogs washed).  We were excited for months prior to the actual event but we just thought it would be like any other event….oh, that was fun…it’s over…moving on.  We never thought that we would be SAD when it came to a close.  But we are.  For so many reasons.  One of them is that the Amos family is fantastic- we fell in love with them.  If you had the pleasure of meeting them you understand.

Sadness over such a thing seems weird, we know.  This may be a poor comparison if you have never been to Disney World (you should go, by the way).  We are going to tell you anyway…….we are ALMOST as sad as we are on the last day of a Disney vacation.  If you know us at all then you know what this means! We had an overabundance of joyous FUN the day of the event.  So it means THAT.  But it also means that next year we have to do something just as WAGtastic (I always have to outdo myself…I’m a freak…I don’t even have an excuse for it…..I just feel like you can’t half-a%* the next big “thing”….and, let’s be honest, I love a challenge).  We may never find anything as awesome as Bathe to Save.  But we will try.

We like to create a visual.  We think a good mental pic is the best way to get the point across.  I’ll just put this right here for you to think about:

$4,250.00 is 12,160 pounds of food (cat or dog).  12,160 pounds of food is approximately 28,371 MEALS.  


How can we ever thank you?  We aren’t sure but we have an idea.  So check our Facebook page this week for your THANK YOU.  Right now, just know that “thank you” doesn’t seem like enough but it’s all we have.  We are nothing without our PUPstomers and their humans.  We are nothing without the loyal dog nation members of our page.  It’s that simple.  Everything we do is because of YOU.


Happy Tails to You,

The brunette (and the blonde, too)

WHERE are you?!?

Have we failed you?  Have we veered from our original plan?  What is happening at 2 Besties Biscuits?

The answers are: maybe, yes and no & you just have NO idea!

When we started this adventure to raise money for the Northeast Missouri Humane Society we had no idea how quickly it would take off.  It was like one of those plastic bags you see flailing around on the highway every time a car passes it.  Only less graceful.  We both have kids, dogs, jobs, families, friends (other than the 2 of us), meetings and, well……life.

So, in the beginning, 2 Besties Biscuits was to be something we randomly did on random weekends for fun.  That lasted for about 2 months.  Yes, 2 months.  Shortly after our PUPstomers deciding to love us and support our efforts to give to the shelter we (crazily….if that’s a word) decided to launch what we hoped would be an annual fundraiser (and it IS) named OPERATION: Feed the Furballs.  We were baking EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY and sometimes during the week.  Whew.

Cut to today:

We have regular customers.  We have new customers.  We take orders via email, phone, text and any form of Facebook and Instagram. We even have customers SNAP us orders (which we LOVE!).  So yes, we have veered from our regular plan.  Why?  Because we didn’t have a lengthy plan.  We live in the NOW.  When I get an idea, I go with it.  It’s who I am.

Why aren’t we at the Farmer’s Market every weekend?  Why didn’t we do that event?  We have failed you there.  It’s true.   Our intention was to be at the Farmer’s Market EVERY weekend.  As summer progressed we realized it wasn’t happening.  Why?  Because we refuse to lose our love of this.  We refuse to make 2 Besties a “job”.  2 Besties is our FUN.  We also refuse to lose FAMILY TIME.  It is precious to both of us.  Now sometimes we enlist our families to help with 2 Besties….but sometimes we just need to be with them.  Oh…and also because I am a control freak.  That’s part of it, too.  NOTHING is happening without ME THERE (my gram calls that one of my “quirks”).

What does this mean for the future of 2 Besties Biscuits?  It means that we will ALWAYS get your biscuit orders to you in a timely manner.  We PROMISE!  It also means that you aren’t going to find us at every single event in the tri-state area.  GASP!  We know.  We cannot do it all.  We initially thought we could.  Some far away day we may.  For now, we are still turning out a grandiose amount of biscuits each month for various events and PUPstomers.

To date we have hand-cut (whether for sale, donation or freebies) 12,985 biscuits.            HOLY BISCUITS, HUMANS!  Was all of that fun?  HECK YES IT WAS!   

Please know that your suggestions and comments are as welcome as a bowl of water during a heat index of 172 degrees.  We love to hear from the humans.  If you aren’t happy with something we are doing or you have questions we implore you to come to us.  We want to make the mammals happy (although we realize that sometimes that is impossible, we strive for it regardless).   Our goal is happy mammals, human & canine alike.  Without YOU we are just 2 Besties baking dog biscuits for the shelter dogs….and that cannot live on biscuits alone!  Every pink box (or cello bag) you buy GIVES them food and supplies (even the cats now- we had lots of judgy-eyed cat people at first asking why we weren’t helping the cats…we don’t make cat treats so we didn’t really think about it…WE ARE SORRY).  Anyhoo- all of this makes YOU an intricate part of this operation!  You are the water to our bowl, the peanut to our butter, the drool to our jowls (ok that was too far)……

As far as what’s happening around 2 Besties headquarters…… BISCUIT BAKING, A POSSIBLE NEW RECIPE, RANDOM EVENTS, SHELTER DOGS OF THE MONTHS, HOMEWARD BOUND WAGGIN FUNDRAISER, WE HAVE BATHE TO SAVE COMING TO HANNIBAL (huge deal), NEMOHS ANNUAL FUNDRAISER EVENT PREP, OUR 1ST BIRTHDAY, LIFE & FAMILY.  That’s the summary.  “& FAMILY”.  Nothing ever comes before them.  We make no apologies for that.  We are like sisters and our families are important to us.  Hers to me, mine to her.  Ying/Yang, as always with us.

We hope this answers the questions.  If you are out and about you can purchase biscuits at the following local establishments:

Mark Twain Dinette, Ole Planters Restaurant, Finn’s Food & Spirits, Mississippi Marketplace, Farm & Home, Chocolaterie Stam, & Mark Twain Riverboat.  If you buy the last bag or box give us shout so we can restock them ASAP!  If they are out, let us know and we will personally deliver some to you if you are in Hannibal.

Lastly.  THANK YOU.  Thank you for allowing us the pleasure of shopping for food and supplies for the shelter.  Thank you for being members of our miscellaneous social media pages and sharing and tagging and commenting.  Thank you for helping us find homes for our shelter dogs of the various months of the year.  Thank you for assisting us in happily giving.  Thank you for loving dogs as much as we do.  Thank you for sharing in the FUN.

Happy Biscuit Vibes,

The brunette (and the blonde, too, on this one)


Miss July- Meet Pixie

Monthly we have the honor of spending time with a pup at the Northeast Missouri Humane Society that we call our dog-o-the-month.  This month was no different.  Meet sweet Pixie.  Share her with your friends.  Possibly invite her into your home as a new family member.  She is one of many dogs at the shelter waiting for their “people”.

Pixie is a 2 year old Puggle mix.  She loves attention and playing.  It’s funny because she would rather spend time with a human than play with a toy.  She is a very mild mannered girl.  While she would be great for any home, she is partial to men.  If you have seen her photos you will notice that she is in a shelter employees arms most of the time giving him kisses or sitting on his lap.  We assume she must have been a man’s pet in her previous life.  Her life at the shelter does not limit her love though!  She loved on me and a female shelter worker as well.

She’s a LOVER!

Pixie is a small/medium sized dog (again, I am a horrible judge of dog size because my dogs are huge).  She does well with dogs her size or smaller but she seems to be intimidated by dogs larger than her.  If you are thinking of adding her to your family and you have a dog already, it would be a great idea to have them meet one another before adopting.  You are also going to want to make sure that you can give a good belly rub!  Those are her fav!

During my time with Pixie I noticed her loyalty.  She faithfully followed her favorite shelter worker around everywhere.  She also seemed to listen to and follow commands well.  Her personality shines.  She is very sweet and has such an innocent face.

Pixie is elated about meeting her new family……. She anxiously awaits your visit.  If she could talk I think she would encourage you to visit the shelter and spend some time with her!

Wags and Well Wishes for a Happy & Safe July,

The brunette

Please know that these are observations formed from my own opinions during my visit with Pixie.  Always contact the shelter for more details or visit to form your own opinions.  Every dog is different with every person it encounters just as people are.

Crooked Rainbows and Black Unicorns- The Truths of a HUMANE Shelter

I must start by saying that I am not a professional “anything”.  If you have read my other posts, you already know this to be my cone of safety.  I must also say that I dislike weighty blogs.  The kind that spread serious faces rather than smiles.  This blog references research and common sense.  That is all.  My hope here is to bring you some value.  Present you with some info that may be useful to you or someone you know.  My hope is to be a publicist of sorts for our local shelter.  To give a voice to those who can only woof or meow.

Approximately 1.6 million dogs & 1.3 million cats are adopted from shelters in the United States each year.  Awesome?

It IS awesome!  However, the number euthanized due to disease or aggression is also higher than I would like to realistically come to terms with.  I never thought this day would come, however, it has.  I am about to be realistic about what must happen in ANY shelter that cares about saving the lives of as many animals as possible.  This is not my opinion, it is fact.  I would fall into the category of people that screams “no animal should be euthanized!!”.  But wait……I made the hardest decision of my life…twice…when I required myself to be selfless and asked that my vet put my dog to sleep rather than watch him suffer.  So, does that make me a hypocrite regarding animal shelters?  Indeed, it does.

Here is WHY.

I love my dogs like I love my kids.  Judge if you will.  I’m ok with it.  I stopped caring what people thought of me in about 6th grade.  When my vet, that I trust with all of my heart, informed me that my Keedo was suffering I selfishly told myself for about a week that he would be ok.  He wasn’t ok.  It was clear that he was NOT ok.  I sucked it up and did the right thing.  Do I still have guilt?  Yes.  Do I know I made the right choice?  Yes.  Then it happened again with my Buddy.  Like punishment for every wrong I had ever done- I had to make that choice again.

The TRUTH and FACTS behind euthanasia

A no-kill shelter, in my head, sounds like THE BEST SHELTER EVER.  Right?  Most would agree.  It’s rainbows and unicorns there.  Everyone gets to live and be free (sort of).  The reality is that none of that is true! (which gags me)  Picture this- you, as a human, are in a cell at an establishment where the people are kind to you but you have no idea why you are there because you didn’t do anything wrong.  They feed you, talk to you, play cards with you.  The person in the cell next to you gets really sick.  The doctors come.  They can’t help her.  She has a disease.  A disease that she is now going to inevitably give to you and every other person in every other cell.  YOU have a chance to live and find a home with people that will love you.  IF you don’t contract that disease.  What do you want the people that are caring for you to do?  Let the woman in the cell next to you suffer and spread her disease?  She is suffering.  She is spreading her disease.  Someone may come for you tomorrow…if you LIVE.

The TRUTH is that deciding what kind of shelter to be is not an easy decision to make.  The TRUTH is that one can only hope that a shelter makes the right choices.  The humane choices.  My opinion is that no shelter should euthanize because of overpopulation.  EVER.  I understand that a no-kill shelter produces good public relations (rainbows and unicorns), however, it does not do what is best for the whole (crooked rainbows and black unicorns).  It’s like one of those “greater good” sci-fi books and as much as I hate it, it is total truth and, in the end, about compassion.  Sadly, it is important and the right thing to do to euthanize animals that are terminally ill or irreversibly aggressive.  It makes me cry just thinking about it.  But is truly the most humane thing to do.  I would be even more saddened by 30 dogs dying because one dog was sick and spread that to all of them.  THAT is a tragedy!

I guess what I am getting at here is that the more we speak for the animals at our local shelter, the more we find homes for…….and fewer will be euthanized.

How do you speak for them?  You share blogs like this one.  You spread posts on social media about the dogs and cats that are adoptable at the shelter.  You donate food, cleaning supplies, etc. to the shelter whenever you are able.  You attend fundraisers.  You support anything that supports the shelter.  You choose to be positive and supportive of an establishment in your community that functions solely on donations from the public.  You ask questions of the director or board of your local shelter so that you are knowledgeably spreading accurate information.  You can be a responsible, level-headed human that is well-informed.

How do you help lower the population of euthanized animals?  You spay or neuter your own animals.  You, as mentioned above, share posts of adoptable animals (the more those posts are shared the quicker those animals are adopted and the less likely they are to become diseased).  You volunteer (the more people there are to watch after the animals and spend time with them, the quicker a problem can be addressed, potentially avoiding the instance where an animal must be euthanized).

Crooked Rainbows and Black Unicorns,

The brunette

PS- please, PLEASE know that these truths sadden me.  I don’t want to see any animal put down.  I also don’t want to see 30 die because of the fate of 1.  😦  We are not trying to sway your opinion of any shelter. We value and respect everyone’s opinion. Always. It’s what makes us who we are.   THE NEXT BLOG SHALL BE A HAPPY ONE!  





Mr. June- Meet Scooter


In case you are a new member of the 2 Besties Nation, we feature a super adoptable dog from the Northeast Missouri Humane Society every month.  Our goal is to increase the adoption rate at our local shelter.  By following us and sharing our blogs and post, you are helping these pups find a FURever home.  Every single share puts us one step closer to finding the right people for each pooch.  So WE THANK YOU!

AS OF TODAY, WE ARE 5 FOR 5 ON ADOPTIONS IN REGARDS TO OUR DOG OF THE MONTH!  That’s because of YOU!  Let’s make it 6 for 6 with this new guy.

This month’s dog-o-the-month is a handsome, loving Rottweiler/Hound mix named Scooter.  He is about 2 years old, kennel trained (that’s a huge deal), neutered and up to date on his shots. SCOOTER NEEDS A HOME WITH A FENCED IN YARD.  It is important that he have a dedicated space to run and play outside.  Thus far, Scooter has been friendly to even the angriest of cats and all of the dogs he has interacted with at the shelter.

Let me start by informing you that for about an hour it looked like WE were going to be leaving the shelter with both Scooter AND Mr. May.  The kids fell in love with both of them.  Which, quite honestly, is what happens almost every time I enter the gate of the shelter.  As a family, we may not have been cut out for this.  BUT….we love it.

Scooter is a VERY well-behaved dog.

Our Mr. June cannot deny his roots.  He looks like a Rottweiler and behaves like a hound (bark and all!).  He was described as energetic in his shelter bio, however, we did not notice that to be the case.  Scooter doesn’t miss a beat but he was not super active in the couple of hours we were there.  He ran around in the yard but most of his time was spent near the teenagers getting some love.  When he was being “energetic” it was the result of a tug-of-war game with the boy who was determined we were leaving with Scooter that day.

Scooter LOVES toys.

From my observations of Scooter, he is a toy lover.  We did not play fetch with him, however, I have to assume he would have loved that.  He had a grand time with the rope toy…..chewing and playing tug-of-war.  I interacted less with this pup of the month than usual because the kids were there.  It was nice to just photograph and observe.

Mr. June has great mannerisms.

Scooter did not have to be told to “sit” when presented with a situation that called for such.  I would guess that he knows most general commands.  If he does not, he will learn quickly.  This guy is intelligent.  I cannot confirm that he is good with small children but I can tell you for certain that he LOVED the teenagers.  At one point they sat down on the ground with Scooter and it appeared as though he was actually comprehending the words coming from their mouths.  ADORABLENESS!  That’s what it was.

Please feel free to call the Northeast Missouri Humane Society with any questions you may have regarding Scooter or other animals that may be available for adoption at the shelter.  If you have an interest in Scooter, we encourage you to visit the humane society and spend some quality time with him.  He’s a diamond in the rough!

Wags and Well Wishes for a Happy, Safe Summer,

The brunette

Please know that these are observations formed from my own opinions during my visit with Scooter.  Always contact the shelter for more details or visit to form your own opinions.  Every dog is different with every person it encounters just as people are.

Fido & Festivals

The kids keep asking me if they can take our Great Dane (the most mild mannered of our dogs) to our booth at Twain on Main this weekend.  So BINGO- I have a blog!

Every single festival or street fair we attend or participate in leaves me mammal watching.  Humans with less clothing than should be allowed in public and always a canine that looks as scared as I do when I see a snake.  Don’t get me wrong, some dogs are totally fine in public.  However, others are scared, aggressive (towards humans or other dogs)….HOT…the list of emotions goes on.


That’s all I’m asking here.  The truth is that dogs are animals and, as such, can be unpredictable.  You may have the sweetest, most docile dog in the whole world.  One day that dog may surprise you by biting a friend, family member or even a stranger’s child.  If you know your dog well enough to know that they will more than likely be perfectly content to be at a crowded festival then I say GO FOR IT.  If you are uncertain, please leave your pup at home.  You are saving everyone the heart break of something terrible happening.  Just as you cannot completely predict the actions of a human, you cannot that of a canine.  It falls into the “s#@t happens” category of life.


If you feel as though your dog is going to be comfortable in a crowd of people when it is 2,000 degrees outside then I serve up this challenge.  Go borrow Aunt Bertha’s fur coat from 1926 and take yourself outside for 5 minutes in said temps.  Sweating your lips off, aren’t you?  There you have it.  If you think your dog would be much happier sleeping at home while you’re out having fun….you’re right.  If you choose to lug your dog to a festival, PLEASE take water for them and be prepared to leave if they seem on edge.


As a pup parent it is your responsibility to make the best choices possible for them (not YOU….THEM).  If you take your fur-baby in public please keep them protected from the elements of a festival that may harm them (aggressive humans, other dogs, human food or trash on the ground, hot pavement, kids’ with dumb parents… get the picture).  Please also attend prepared (like you have a baby!).  Feed your dog prior to the event so that they aren’t scrounging for food while there.  Pick up after your dog (no lazy, disrespectful humans should be allowed to take a dog in public).  Whilst walking down, what should be a clean street or sidewalk, I love to see or step in poop during my consumption of the big honkin’ turkey leg that I’ve been longing for all year (said NO ONE EVER).  Festival RUINED- longed for turkey leg in trash.  GUH!  Now I’m mad.  Moving on…..DOGS ON LEASHES.  That’s super important.  Carry your dog if you must but have him/her also on a leash.  It’s called smart parenting.  I’ve seen people with their friggin’ KID ON A LEASH while the dog is walking next to them sans leash.  Let’s be practical here.  Or, better yet, let’s just not be total buffoons.  Dog on leash- kid walking next to you, lazy.

Ok, well, I think I’m done here.  Hope to see you at Twain on Main this weekend.  Promise not to judge (out loud) if your dog is with you and he or she looks scared out of their gourd.  Again, I say- I know lots of people that have pups that can be in any given public scenario.  I am only asking you to know and care for your dog.  That is all.  Oh, and put some clothes on.  I am asking that as well.  If I can see your butt cheeks or your belly button I just feel like it’s too much (unless we are near that liquid we swim in, then it makes total sense).


Clothe the one you’re with,

The brunette

PS- taking a toy for your dog might be nice if you plan to stop to relax or talk.  Keeps them entertained.

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